When planning to travel to a brand new place, besides where to eat or what to do, you might look for the weather of the coming destination. Hence, if you want to visit Vietnam capital but don’t know how the weather is in Hanoi, let’s start scrolling down!

Weather in Hanoi with four seasons

Weather Hanoi is typical for the tropical monsoon climate: hot summer with heavy rains (rainy season) and cold winter with little rains (dry season). The summer lasts from May to September while the winter is from November to March. In the summer, the sun usually rises early so if you want to feel the cool air, you should get up a bit early. However, in the winter, the sun is a bit lazy so sleep in for 5 – 10 minutes could be a great treatment. In addition, Hanoi also has two periods between the rainy and dry season, which called spring and autumn. When coming to Hanoi at the right time, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy these two most beautiful seasons of the year.

in winter, the weather Hanoi is cold and wet

Weather Hanoi gets cold and wet when winter arrives – Image: news.zing.vn.

Autumn in Hanoi usually manifests most clearly in October. You will know when autumn comes when walking along Hoan Kiem Lake and see yellow leaves covering up the roads. The beauty of this season Hanoi is an endless inspiration of musicians, poets, and writers. On the other hand, if you want to admire the fresh and cool atmosphere of the spring, please visit Hanoi in April. It’s when flowers bloom. Around March, you will see “milk flowers” blooming along the streets that bring you an unforgettable fragrance. Moreover, the weather Hanoi this time seems to be friendliest. It doesn’t rain too much and the sun isn’t too heavy neither.

autumn is the season with the best weather in hanoi for traveling

People say that autumn is the best season in Hanoi.

What to eat in Hanoi each season?

Spring is the busy season of the year when the whole family prepares for the Lunar New Year. Hence, you can’t skip the Tet’s specialty, Banh Chung, when being in Vietnam capital during this holiday. Banh Chung is a kind of steamed cake made from rice, pork, and mungbean. However, the most common way that locals eat Banh Chung is frying them then eat with soy sauce.

banh chug ran for the Tet weather hanoi

In Tet Holiday, fried Banh Chung is the most common street food in Hanoi – Image: kenh14.vn.

Next, May and June are when the summer comes. The weather in Hanoi during this period is so hot that they need something with a sour taste to get balance. And the Hanoians are very pleased to introduce you to Nuoc Sau Dam. This is a beverage made from Qua sau, a tropical fruit, fermented in sugar. The sourness of qua sau and the sweetness of sugar will help go through scorching days.

nuoc sau dam is the best bevereage for the hot weather hanoi

Nuoc sau dam will help you go through sweating days – Image: afamily.vn.

Furthermore, when the sun gets more easygoing, the autumn comes along with Com to Hanoi. Com is immature rice kernels roasted over very low heat then pounded in a mortar and pestle until flatted. Since it has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor, you can eat it plain or with coconut.

autumn is the weather hanoi when com comes to make you fat

Com is the signature snacks of Hanoi’s autumn – Image: kenh14.vn.

Besides, in winter, Hanoi weather is not as harsh as other countries in the North, but the temperature is low enough a warm-up dish like mussels porridge. Sitting on the pavement enjoying the sweetness of mussels broth combining with the heat of the porridge is what you should give a try.

mussels congee is a warm-up dish in cold weather hanoi

Mussels porridge is the most common dish in cold weather in Hanoi – Image: Instagram/@huyen.nam97



The climate in Vietnam is different across the regions. Hopefully, this article has helped you in getting a sneak peek of weather Hanoi to prepare for the best trip.